Missing Person Date

I have read a lot of the dating disasters on this site, but I think mine takes the cake. Last year, I received a random email from a guy who was looking for a nice girl to set up a date with his best friend. I talked with the guy for a couple of weeks, and he finally decided he didn't want to hand me over to his friend. We decided to meet up one weekend (he lived about 600 miles away from me) and get to know each other. I told my roommate that about the guy and she (being a very strong Christian) told me how this was a bad idea. I went ahead with the date anyway. Roy (the guy) and I met up at a local truck stop restaurant and had a nice dinner. We went for a drive later on so I could show him around my town. We stopped at a scenic site where our local dam and waterfall was. Things started to get a little hot and heavy so, much to his surprise and eagerness, I told him we should find a hotel room ... now. We spent the next two days making love and having a great time. Now you must be thinking, "How can this be so bad?" Well, here is the catch: I had left my car at that truck stop because my guy and I wanted to be in the same car. We went to go get my car ... and it wasn't there! I went back to my house and, as soon as I walked in the door, my roommate ran over and gave me a big hug, saying things like, "Omigod, I thought you were dead!" I came to find out that she had called the cops to find me, they impounded my car as evidence, and I was a reported missing person NATIONWIDE! I had to call my mother, father, grandfather, and even my best friend across the country to let them all know that I was alive and well. I got lectured by the police and had to go pay 200 dollars to get my car out of impound. Roy and I dated a couple of more months before he "couldn't take the stress of being in a long distance relationship" anymore. But, I do have to say, that was one of the most memorable and interesting dates that I have ever had!

— Ashley, 20

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