The Most Embarrassing Date Ever

Well, I don't even know where to start on this one because this had to be the most embarrassing date I have ever had. I had just recently broken up with a boyfriend that was a total loser. I had always had feelings for one of my best friends that just happened to be a guy and, little did I know, that he was into me as well. About 2 or 3 weeks after the breakup, my friend Pedro had invited me out to dinner at a really nice restaurant and the date initially started out good. He was a perfect gentleman in every way. Like I said, it started out good, but that was until we started to leave the restaurant. Since it was a big fancy restaurant, it had two floors and an escalator dividing both. Well, I was wearing a nice long skirt of all things and when we were going down the escalator I just remember hearing this weird noise, but I paid it no mind since I was having such a wonderful time. I was absolutely mortified to finally figure out that the noise was my skirt being ripped by the escalator. Let's just say that I looked like Tarzan's Jane wearing what was left of my skirt. I had forgotten my house key at home (what a good place for it) and my roommate was out, so I had no way to get inside to change clothes. Needless to say, I had to call a girlfriend of mine and explain the situation to her while she died laughing. I begged her to come and drop off something for me to wear, so she brought me these really pretty white shorts. After I changed, Pedro and I invited her to the movies and she said she had to get up early the next day and said maybe next time, so I thanked her over and over for the clothes. That was just the beginning of the night. So, we get to the movies and I'm a little night blind and eye disease runs in my family. I was going to go inside when instead of going through the door, I smacked right into the window. I was ok, just a little shocked, but Pedro was very good through the whole thing. He kept telling me that it wasn't my fault I was night blind. After a few minutes, we were joking about it and I was like of all places to put a window and who put that there. We had a really good time considering all that had happened, but like I said he was a complete and total gentleman. Well, the movie was over and I was kind of tired and ready to go home when Pedro asked me, "What's that thing on the bottom of your shorts? It looks like you sat on something or have a stain on them." You guessed it ladies, if things couldn't have gotten any worse I started my period. And it just had to be the pretty WHITE shorts my friend had let me borrow. I just thought to myself that right about now things couldn't get any worse. At least my date was very understanding. His house was only a few minutes from the movies and his sister lived with him, so he snagged a pair of her pants for me. I wonder if he ever told her about that incident? Well, I hope not. I had a really good time considering all the stuff that happened on that first date with Pedro. I'm glad I started dating him, because if not, I would have never realized that we were meant for each other. Now we are married and have 2 children together. We just think back to that first date and laugh about it, but at the time, it was no laughing matter. Not to me anyways, but my girlfriends couldn't help but to laugh.

— Melissa, 28

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