Very Bad Night

I was going on my second date with a guy who had done a gig at my work. The first date had been nice; canoeing, wine, a long talk. For the second date, he was picking me up from work and we'd head over to a party at the house of a friend of mine. He arrived just on time, looking sheepish. "One of my friends passed out at a party we were at," he told me, "and the other is puking in the grass right now." He says he has to take the friend home and he'll come back, but it's very late out and I'm alone in a not so good town, so he asked if I want to come with them. I said sure, because I'm trying to be nice and accommodating. His friend is seriously ill, and has puked INSIDE the car as well, so it reeks! I'm game though, and I get in. Five minutes of sitting in the stinking car, we get pulled over by the cops. He is eighteen and has beer in his car that his friend bought. However, this is illegal. Not only that, but his out of state plates are an issue. Not only that, the empty wine bottle from our last date is an even bigger problem. After about fifteen minutes, we are allowed to leave. The ride I thought would take ten minutes is forty, all in the stinking car. When we get there, he says he wants to take a shower ... okay. Then, forty minutes back to a party that is practically over. To make up for the night, I downed 6 jello shots. The rest of the night he was coming on to me, being pushy, telling me to take my shirt off when I had already explained that I'm rather shy and it takes me a while to get comfortable with people. He then says that he is going back home (1000 miles away) in two weeks. In other words, he was trying to have sex with me and failed miserably. Now that is a dating disaster!

— Hannah, 18

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