Mr. Blind Date

One day, my best friend invited me to a double date with her boyfriend and another one of his friends. I wasn't too crazy about the idea, because she was six years older then me and her boyfriend was nine years older then me. But, I went anyway. I got all dressed up, and when we got there, there was a familiar face looking at me. I couldn't decide who it was. Well, the date went great! We were all having fun, chatting and eating delicious food. And he was so sweet; he always had this handsome smile on his face when he looked at me. After the bill was paid, he walked me to my car. I leaned in to kiss him and he gently pushed away. I was confused; I thought we had a great date! Then he whispered something in my ear, "I am sorry, but I can't date students." I was so embarrassed! He had taught my history class in high school as a sub in my senior year! I couldn't believe I didn't recognize him! We laughed and I got into the car, my face as red as a tomato, and I drove away.

— Tiffany, 22

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