Things Are Not Always What They Appear!

One day I was going to Starbucks to get my usual café latte. As I was ordering, I noticed this really hot guy staring at me from a few tables away. After about 10 minutes he came over to the table I was sitting at and asked me if I would mind going out with him that night. I was kind of hesitating, but I gave him my number, and we made plans to go out that evening. He picked me up in his beat-up, bright-yellow Gremlin, and ended up taking me to McDonald's. We had walked in and were about to order when he told me that I might want to order a salad because I looked as if I needed to watch my weight. I stormed out of the "restaurant" and caught a bus home. The next morning he called me every hour, apologizing and asking for me to give him a second chance. I felt kind of bad for him, so I agreed to go out with him again. This time he took me to his apartment and made dinner: The main course was mac and cheese. I was already a little annoyed, and then he started to put the moves on me. Soon enough he had ripped off all of his clothes. In complete shock I stared downward to get a look at his package. That's how I found out that he was not really a he but a she! I later found out that he was a transsexual. His surgery to become a full male is next week. I am still trying to get over that one!

— Anonymous, 39

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