He'll Never Use Me Again

In July, my friend came out from Vegas to visit me for two weeks after months of inviting me to move from Jersey and live with him. We had been lovers for many years and also managed to see each other even during times when I was married. Guess I always hoped we would end up together. This last time, he left his suitcase packed on the living room floor and tried to visit every lost girlfriend he had dated during the time he lived in Jersey. He ended up with an old girlfriend who did not like the idea that he was staying with me. He used the excuse that she belonged to AA and they took care of each other. Everyday, he was in the chat rooms talking to swingers and dating services in Vegas. I emailed him after he left and told him exactly what I knew he is about. A womanizer who isn't employed and collects disability which, lucky for him, doesn't interfere with all his sex partners. He belongs in fun city, maybe on the strip. He'll never use me again.

— Irene, 34

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