Bad Breath Kisser

I was dumped by a guy because he decided that we didn't have anything in common. He also wanted to be with a married woman instead. During the time I was recovering, my friend Wendy wanted to hook me up with her neighbor. I wasn't really into the idea because I still didn't feel like myself after being dumped, but she told me to go out with him because he had noticed me several times and thought that I was extremely pretty. I decided to go, so I called up Carlos (that is the guys name), and we decided to see each other that day. He asked me to pick him up at his apartment. I went, and to my utter dismay, I was the one driving. We ended up going to El Pollo Loco. During the whole night, he was telling me how he might go back to Mexico and how he wanted me to go back with him as if we were already married or something. After eating, I just cut the evening short and brought him back home. I just felt that we didn't really connect. He called me up the next day asking to see me again. I decided to give him another chance and we went out on a second date. I was frustrated again because I was the one driving again. We then went to El Pollo Loco again, and we ate there. Afterwards, we went to the movies. At the movies, it was so gross because he was trying to get closer and closer to me. He was putting his horrible sweaty hands on mine and they just felt gross. After the movie, we were heading to my car and all of a sudden, he plunges his tongue down my mouth. I was mortified because he had the foulest breath in the world. I had the impression that he had never brushed his teeth since he was born. My friend Wendy wanted us to stop by her work, and while we were waiting, he kept clinging onto me and he kept kissing me. I kept pushing him away, but apparently he didn't get the idea that he had the worst breath in the world. Once I picked up my friend, I brought her back home, and then I brought Carlos back home. Once in front of his apartment, he just kept kissing me and I kept pushing him away. Every time, I thought that I was going to faint from his horrible breath. I told him that I would call him the next day, but never did and never saw him again. During the night, my stomach wasn't feeling at all good, and in the morning, I got up to go to the bathroom. All of a sudden, I hurled, and had bad massive #2 for two days straight. I told a friend of mine and he said that I must have gotten something from Carlos to feel like that. I am just glad that I haven't seen that guy. Hopefully, his future girlfriend will have the guts to tell him that he has really, really bad breath.

— Rose, 22

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