Dad's Underwear

I met this guy working at my Mom's card store ... his name was David and he worked for a well-known weight-loss center. He would come in for gum all the time and I thought he was cute and funny. Well, after a while, he asked me out at the last minute for a drink after work. He caught me at a good time, as that was my only free night that week. So, we head off to my favorite restaurant/bar for our drink. We got there and it turned out the guy had NO MONEY on him, so I had to pay for the drinks/appetizers we had already ordered. Ok, it happens; it was last minute so I gave the guy the benefit of the doubt. Then, he ran into an old architecture school buddy and they proceeded to blab up a storm about (blech) architecture and completely ignore me for a good part of the evening. I was friends with the bartender, so at least I had some company! We finished up and he apologized and offered to run us to his house to pick up some money so we could head out to another bar. Don't ask me why, but I agreed. It was about 11 pm when we pulled up to this huge, beautiful house and he mentioned that his parents had just renovated and added a wing with a bar. Would I like to see it? I gamely said sure. So, we walk up the side porch and David tries his key, but he can't seem to get it to open the door. He jiggles it, tries it the other way, wiggles it and finally gets the door open. I asked where the bathroom is and headed directly to it. As I was ready to exit the bathroom, I hear, "Wait, Dad, it's me!" and open the door to see David wrestling with his father, who is in his underwear! Dad thought someone was breaking in. I nearly died laughing! I figured I would definitely not see him again any time soon. PS. We have been married for thirteen years and have three children together. Gave him a second chance. Hey, you never know!

— Barbara, 35

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