Prom Night Disaster

A great dating disaster? My prom night; I was eighteen and had been dating this 18-year old cutie for about a month. I asked him to go with me to prom since it was at my school. He said sure. I got a nice dress, had my hair done, got him a really nice boutonniere to go with his tux, and paid for the tickets. I found out when the car drove up that he wasn't going to have a friend drive us like I thought (he didn't have a license), his dad drove us everywhere. And, such a sweetie, he gave me one of the smallest corsages I've ever seen! His "tux" was something he got from a second hand store, he informed me with pride! I'm thinking cheapskate right now. When we were dropped off at dinner, I had to pay. Then he refused to dance once we got to the prom, even to slow songs. But, when I was dancing with a guy, I looked and saw him dancing with a friend of mine! Afterwards, he wanted to go out for an early breakfast, which I paid for also. I was so ready to be done with the whole nightmare! When I finally got home, I got out of the car and ran in. He didn't even get "goodbye" in. Needless to say, I broke up with him shortly thereafter.

— Leah, 26

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