The Dolphin

My girlfriends used to talk about this guy, and they said he was very well, shall we say, endowed. Let's call him Brad. Anyways, Brad always seemed kind of cute to me, and we finally had a meeting. We all hung out at a nice local bar, and one night me and my friends were there with Brad and a few of his buddies. We were all pretty drunk. Brad's friends began teasing him about his "dolphin". They kept saying, "Brad, show them the dolphin! Show them the dolphin!" But Brad just turned red, and seemed quite embarrassed. Later, we began to talk and got along pretty well, so he asked me to go to another bar alone. We did, and I kept thinking about seeing his "dolphin". After we came out of the bar, we started making out at his house. I began to slide my hand down to feel for the dolphin. Wow, it just kept going and going! After it was hard, it was like Brad's pants were building a tent. And it got bigger still when his pants came off! Well, needless to say, we had a great night, but I was flabbergasted to find out that our lovemaking session was all on video. I was so embarrassed; but, all in all, it was a mixed disaster!

— Brenda, 22

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