He Kissed Like a Dog

I started a new job where my best friend works. She kept telling me there was a hot guy that works with us. He saw me one day leaving work, and he told my friend to set us up on a date. I agreed to go on a date with him, not knowing what he looked like. He ended up taking me to a nice restaurant and was a gentleman the whole time. I didn't think he was that cute, but I kept seeing him. We talked on the phone all the time and became pretty close; I started to really like him. Whenever we hung out, he never made a move on me. I wondered if something was wrong. I asked him one night on the phone why he never has tried to kiss me. He said he waited because he's being a gentleman. I told him I wanted him to kiss me sometime, and that he didn't need to wait so long. Little did I know, I should have never asked for a kiss. He took me to the movies and I was nervous the whole time, wondering if he was actually going to kiss me. The very second the movie was over he grabbed me so quickly I couldn't catch my breath, and slammed me so close to him that my ribs were squashed into the seat the whole time we were kissing. I was in so much pain while he was kissing me. His breath smelled so bad and he slobbered all over my face and even started licking my face like a dog. I pushed him away and couldn't take it anymore, I couldn't breath! I seriously thought I was going to suffocate to death because I was being squeezed so close with my ribs jammed into the chair and no room to breath out of my nose or mouth. When I pushed him away I said, "I really have to get home, it's getting late." On our way out, I was thinking to myself, "Oh great, he drove, I can't just run to my car." On the way out he kept asking me, "Why are you so quiet? I finally kissed you, isn't that what you wanted?" I told him, "Oh, nothing is wrong." Once he dropped me off at my car, which was at his house, I drove straight to my best friend's house and told her about everything that happened. But first, I had to scrub my face; it smelled so bad and was sticky!

— Lydia, 20

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