Weird Night in New York

I was playing in a show called "The King & I" in Philadelphia, and had a girlfriend from New York who invited me to her house for a party --also a blind date. When the guy came, he ran three stop lights, and I finally mentioned it, wondering why. He said he was so excited, he forgot he was color-blind. At the party, everyone was drinking, and I don't. When people get drunk, I get depressed, because no one is acting normal. My girlfriend got very sick, and spent the rest of the night upstairs, upchucking. There were rabbits all over the house, and one six foot 5 inch guy was curled up on top of a little chest in the basement sleeping. Another guy was sleeping under the kitchen table. My friend's Mom was sleeping sitting upright on a sofa near the stairs, and she kept saying over and over, "Jiggle the little handle! Jiggle the little handle!" meaning the commode was running. It was such a weird night; I don't remember coming home, just all the confusions. The blind date was really handsome, but I never saw him again because our show closed shortly after.

— Theresa, 28

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