Bad Trip to the Movies

My boyfriend's birthday was coming up and we decided to go to the movies together. I got a new outfit, did my hair, and had a little surprise for his birthday present. My friends and I couldn't wait to go to the movies. We were all going with our boyfriends and wanted to see a scary film, one where we could turn and cuddle with our loved one. Well, when it was time to go, the girls and I had no way of transportation; as the boys didn't have a car and we didn't have enough money to take a cab. When we found money, we called a cab and the boys told us that they would meet us there. We got there and we decided to wait. Fifteen minutes passed and the boys weren't there yet. An hour passed by and they still weren't there. Another 3o minutes, we said. They still hadn't arrived. We called them on their cell, but they weren't picking up. When the boys finally arrived, everyone's boyfriend was there except mine. He had gone to Times Square with his uncle. We didn't get to see a movie; instead we just hung out at the mall shopping. I was stuck the rest of the night with lovebirds. I felt like the 5th wheel. While everyone was kissing and cuddling, I was stuck in the back all by myself. What a night!

— Kathy, 18

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