Long Distance Didn't Work Out

I was dating this guy who lived almost 2 hours away from me. I thought he was a great guy. I always saw him at every party that I attended, also. All dressed up as candy kids, it was great. I remember I went to a party to go see him and people from a message board. I didn't go home for 3 days; my parents were awfully pissed. We were at another party and he asked me out; I was psyched and said yes. Just shortly after going out with him, he got laid off at work. Because he got laid off, he had no connection for his cell phone. Since they didn't have a house phone, I could barely get in touch with him, but it was fine for a while. I trusted him right off the bat. Then, this one girl that lived closer to him always seemed to hang out with him. I still trusted him then. I knew I wasn't happy in the relationship because I had to take a 50-50 chance to go drive nearly 2 hours to go see him and, if he wasn't there, I would just drive back home. One night, they both entered the club I was at and the girl came up to my face and started apologizing for no reason and repeatedly saying sorry to me. Then, shortly after that encounter, my beau at the time came up to me and said drunkenly that it wasn't working out, so we were going to have to break up. I was going to tell him that first, so it was actually a good thing. I felt so used though afterwards. He was not only a waste of my time; I wasted my feelings for a jerk, and also wasted my money.

— Sarah, 20

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