Sheep Farm

I had been single for a couple of years and had sworn off dating. While at my girlfriend's dinner party, I had struck up a conversation with the quite guy in the corner. He seemed very shy and was not very good looking, so he seemed "safe". After a couple of hours of talking, it had gotten late and I had decided to call it a night. He approached me and asked me out. I was so surprised that I said yes. The very next day, he called and asked if I wanted to go to his parent's farm for the day. I agreed. Please bear in mind that I am a city girl whose thinks a farm is what they had on the TV show "Dallas". After an hour and a half long drive, we finally reached the farm. The smell was very overwhelming, as it was a sheep farm. He took me into the shelter for what seemed like hundreds of sheep. I quickly noticed a huge sheep in the back with a large red X painted on its wool. My date told me this is how they mark the pregnant ones, but not to worry because she had already delivered. I kept looking at this sheep as she was screeching and banging herself against the wall. He became concerned as well. We approached her and my date shouted for me to hold her down, so I did what I could. I straddled this 150 pound sheep and held on for dear life as she tried to shake me off. My date was elbow deep in her behind and pulled out a decomposed unborn sheep. I have never in my life smelled something as foul as this. I began vomiting, while he threw this thing outside in the field. I came running out and asked him to take me home. He just looked at me totally defeated. While walking towards his truck, one of the farm dogs came running after us and ran into my legs. When I looked down, I realized the dog had fetched the dead sheep and ran into me with it in its mouth. I was covered in -- I don't even know what. Needless to say, my date and I never spoke again.

— Jenny, 24

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