Rushing Things

My girlfriend decided to help me get over my boyfriend by sending me on a blind date with a coworker of hers. The guy called me and sounded ok, so I agreed to meet him at a bar. Unfortunately, the bar was closer to his house and I didn't know my way around. He could've picked somewhere closer to me. That night went alright, but I wasn't totally impressed. He asked if I wanted to go to a concert with him. I agreed to try again. The band was already a "has been" and they were playing at a small theater. Imagine my surprise when my date was the loudest one there and he jumped out of his seat every time a song ended. Everyone else was having a quiet date, but my date thought he was at a rock concert. We left the concert and he said it was his brother's birthday, would I mind stopping at the party? I should have said take me home first, but no, I said ok. This party was full of hillbillies talking about fishing and "our wedding plans". Our honeymoon should be fly fishing and could we get your picture in front of the fish tank. Needless to say, I was done. He called for a few days and left flowers on my car with bad poetry asking when I could talk to his minister and set the date. I never responded. Ever.

— Grace, 29

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