The Gap

I talked with this guy on IM for about a month, and exchanged e-mails and pictures before I gave him my phone number. Our telephone conversations were very pleasant, but he seemed eager to arrange our first date. I was dating other people, so I wasn't quite as anxious to meet him. He asked me often about what I found attractive in a man physically, and pointed out that he had a gap in his teeth (not seen in his picture) and that he had a small penis! I don't think of myself as shallow, so I thought a little gap is no big deal (ha!). I have also known men who consider 8 inches small for a penis, so his revelations did not put me off. When we finally met, he was wearing a dingy t-shirt and jeans. I hugged him, and he didn't smell quite fresh. He looked just like his picture, though, until he opened his mouth. Oh, my! His "gap" was a full inch and a half wide, with a jagged remnant of decayed tooth poking out of an otherwise unoccupied spot in his gums. I tried to be gracious, and we went on to the discount theater, which was dirty and smelly. I wanted to leave, but I felt guilty because I had said I wasn't shallow until I saw his mouth. I ended up staying through the movie, but I stopped calling him, and eventually stopped answering his calls.

— Tammy, 27

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