Shady Behavior

I was dating my boyfriend last year. He invited me to a party that a female friend of his was having. I thought it would be cool because it would allow us to spend time together. So, I thought nothing of it. However, I did call when it came close to the time for the party to get the address since I was the one driving at the time. My guy gave me the address, but his female friend was upset because she felt that he didn't ask for her permission to invite me. My guy then told me that his friend didn't want me to come to the party, but he decided he was going to go. I was upset because I felt the behavior was shady. I felt that he should not have gone to the party, especially since the female said that I couldn't come with him. I didn't think that was cool at all. I believe that if a female says to her guy friend that he can't bring his girlfriend or wife to a social event, it does somewhat exhibit some shady dealings going on beneath the surface. I was definitely feeling this way because that was one of many times this lady has done this, and she calls herself a friend my guy, who is now my ex-boyfriend.

— Rose, 26

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