Moving Way Too Fast

I met this guy while working for this store that needed help. He came into my store at 5 in the morning and asked for my number. He called me a week before I left for college. We agreed to hang out before I left. I was going to double date with him, my friend Kerry, and this guy I was seeing. Kerry called and canceled on me because she had to pick up her sister from a play. So it was me, the guy I was seeing Joe, and Lenny. We got to the movies and decided to see a scary movie. I don't like scary movies, but it was okay since I was with the two guys. I sat in between them. I jumped at a scene and Lenny grabbed my hand and asked if I was okay. I said of course. Joe was not thrilled at this, and so he was doing everything he could to keep my attention on him. Finally, the movie ended and we went back to my house where Joe said goodbye, gave me and kiss, and said he couldn't wait until I got back. Lenny saw all this. Well, Lenny and I talked all night long. We ended up making out. I mean, I wasn't really cheating on anyone since Joe and I agreed to date other people. I called him as soon as I got to college, which is 5 hours away from home. We talked about perfect dates and what we had in common. He came up here. When he got here, he brought some stuff I needed from home and tucked inside blanket he hid a box of chocolates and inside was a rose and a note. We watched a movie that night and I had two guy friends come over and watch it with us. He spent the night and it was cool. We made out again and, as we were about to have sex, the condom broke before we even started. So, I said maybe another time. We went out to breakfast with the two guys again. I left to use the bathroom and they talked. We went back to the dorms and hung out. That night we got drunk and I kept getting annoyed with him. We were not boyfriend and girlfriend and he kept telling all my friends we were. That night, when we got back, I called up the two guys we had hung out with and he told them that we had been dating for a long time. One of the guys I kind of like. He was even telling them lies like he was moving up here and that he was really in love with me. None of those stories were true and it ruined any chances I had with this guy I liked. I was not happy, so when I went back to my room I just blew him off and slept in my roommate's bed. The next morning, I wanted him to leave. He wanted a kiss, but I was like let's remain friends because that's all I really need right now. I gave him a hug instead. I called him about two weeks later and he had already found a girlfriend the day after he got back. As he was telling me all this; I thought, what a joke.

— Stacy, 19

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