No More Virgins!

I met a man in a bar once. He was kind of cute and seemed nice enough, so I gave him my number. He was on break from nursing school, so we hung out a lot. He was a virgin when we met and on our "first night " together of being intimate, I tried to make it really special be wearing some lingerie that was a bit racy with garters, etc. I came into the candle-lit bedroom and took off my robe, revealing my outfit. He was mortified and could only stammer out, "Ohmigod! You look like a hooker!" I started laughing and it sort of wasn't the reaction I was hoping for, so I got undressed and we just slept. We later ended up fooling around another night and seemed to be understanding one another better. When it was time for him to go back to school, he asked if he could leave a few things at my house because I live close to where he went to school. I said sure, picturing a toothbrush, etc. I came home from work and everything the man owned was in my house. He then announced that he quit his job and I told him he had to move back in with his parents. He freaked out and called me every name in the book, but moved out. I sold cars at the time and at work the next day, I was waiting on a customer when he showed up. He told my customer not to buy anything from me because I was dishonest and a liar, and then trashed my office in front of my co-workers. No more virgins for me!

— Natalie, 24

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