Odd Undergarments

There was this guy named Mike that I was totally in love with. Well, my friend finally forced me to ask him out on a date or she threatened that she would. He said yes, and that he'd pick me up at my apartment around 8. He came to my house at exactly 8 the next night and took me out to this nice restaurant for dinner. It was great. He didn't talk much, but I figured he was a little shy. Anyway, I had a fun time and he was going to drive me home (or so I thought), but we ended up at his place. I thought it'd be ok if I stayed for a while, considering he was actually a hot guy. So, we got into his bedroom and he started stripping. His shirt came off first and I noticed a he was as skinny as a twig! But, I kept my comments in, because normally I'm pretty critical. But, it was too hard to keep in my thoughts when he then stripped down into a fuzzy pink thong! At first, I thought it was a joke, but when he started doing a form of a hula dance or something, I knew I was definitely wrong! I quickly ran out of there as fast as possible and never responded to any of his calls again!

— Angelina, 23

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