Perfect Victim

I would like to tell you about the accident I got into while being on a date with a person who has a profile with one of the popular on-line dating services. The man sounded very nice in his e-mails, always responded pretty quickly, and seemed interesting. Eventually, after a number of e-mails, we set up the meeting for a drink at the bar. When I got to the bar, he was already there having a drink. I ordered a glass of wine for myself; the bartender did not ask me to pay, so I assumed that my "date" opened the tab according to a general rule at bars. Later on, my date started ordering food. He started with appetizers, then main course, few more cocktails, a dessert, and a glass of champagne. Since a bartender never asked him how he's going to pay for his food, I was assuming it's going towards an open tab. He offered me to share food with him, but I was not hungry and I just stuck to my wine and lots of water. When I stepped out to a ladies room, he left. Without paying his bill. It appeared that he did not open a tab and the whole bill had been given to me. It was an expensive place (suggested by him); the bill was around $200. I was stunned. Next thing I know, I had to explain the story to the bartender and manager. They were thinking about involving the police. I had to call my friends to come over to help me resolve the situation I was left in, since I was in a complete state of shock. I don't remember when I was as humiliated and blatantly taken advantage of. I couldn't calm down for a long time; my friend had to stay with me to make sure I was more or less ok. Obviously, this man is not looking for his perfect match, but a perfect victim.

— Maggie, 38

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