The Pervert

About 2 summers ago, I was working at a grocery store and, for some reason; I got a lot of attention there. It was pretty unusual, but I liked it. I knew that this one guy liked me and I didn't like him back. Lo and behold, he asked me to go out with him for the night and just "hang out." I thought about it and I figured it would be ok. Well, we ended up going to a bowling alley and just sitting there because he had no money. What did he expect? For me to pay for everything? After sitting there for about 3 hours, we decided to go find something else to do. His friends were following us and being really obnoxious and this tard decided it would be cool to take a little detour. He proceeded to go into a "No Driving" area and go up these dirt trails. After that, he had us get out and go walking in the field. Feeling a little weird about it, I kind of ignored it. We sat down and looked at the stars, when all of a sudden, he asked me for a kiss. I said, "Fine," thinking it would be a peck. Was I wrong! He not only swallowed my whole face, but proceeded to lick my chest and all this nasty stuff. So, I got up and told him to take me home. I never heard from him again after me telling everyone what a pervert he was.

— Cara, 19

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