I Singed Him!

This was a first (and last) date. Wanting to look my best, I used about a half a bottle of hairspray in an attempt to hold my hair where I wanted it. We went to a nice Chinese restaurant for dinner and ordered a Poo-Poo platter (you know, the ones that are kept warm with a little can of Sterno). Every time I leaned over my plate to take a bite of food, I thought I would catch my hair on fire because of all of the hairspray. How else to eliminate this problem but to blow out the flame? I leaned down and blew on the small warming flame, which shot about 2 feet across the table and singed my date's eyebrows and eyelashes completely off. I got a good laugh out of this, but my date failed to see the humor in it. After he took me home, I never heard from him again. Other than that, though, I thought we really hit it off.

— Patty, 34

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