He was Having a Good Time?

One of my friends wanted to set me up with her friend Mike; I'm up for anything, so I was game. Anyway, we went to one of those bar/restaurants. The date started out ok, we chatted for a while and I was impressed that, unlike a lot of guys his age (22), he did not brag about getting drunk. Dinner was served and it went down hill from there. I got a grilled chicken sandwich, it was just about the worst one I have ever had. His food must have been just as bad, because he said in a loud whisper, "This food sucks!" I laughed in agreement. But he kept going on about it, saying that he could have cooked something better with his eyes closed, then he kept talking about what a good cook he was. After dinner, he wanted to play pool. While I am not exactly that good of a player, I always found it fun, so I agreed. We ended up playing doubles against a couple of older ladies. Keep in mind; I'm not that good of a pool player, so I missed a few "easy" shots. I looked over at him and he looked livid about something. I asked him what was wrong and he yelled, "When I agreed to play with you, I had no idea that ...YOU SUCKED!" He sarcastically gave me pointers (example, told me that the object of the game was to get the balls in the holes). Then, he showed me how to play in huge exaggerated motions. We lost and he told me to remind him never to play with some drunk who does not know how to play (it was my FIRST drink that night, rum and coke) and he snatched the drink from my hand and smashed it on the bar table. I was about ready to call it a night when, by some miracle, one of my friends, Allie, walked in. She came over to us and I introduced them to each other. The first words out of his mouth were, "Allie, do you know what make up is, because you need some!!" I told him off and started to walk off with Allie. He called after me, "What is your problem? I was having a good time!!" Then, he grabbed me by the arm and wrote his number on my hand. Man, if this is how he acts when he is having fun, I would hate to see how he acted when he was not.

— Marie, 21

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