I married a man that I was head over heals for. His letters and cards justified how much he supposedly loved me and my son. I went through his medical clinicals and we moved to where he was to do his residency. We just celebrated our 4th year of marriage and he had jokingly, or so I thought, said, "Well, we made it for four years; I guess we have to get a divorce." I thought that was funny and I said, "Never, baby!" Meantime, not even a month later, I called him about some personal stuff and he decided while on the call, that he was only 70% happy and that I was not good enough for him. I had not applied myself for 39 years and he was concerned that I would not know what he was talking about if he had to write a paper concerning his career as an OB/GYN! Excuse the heck out of me for not going to college for 8 years like he did. He did not know what he wanted to be. I thought this asshole really loved me like no other, and I get dumped because, so I thought, that he wanted someone more professional than I. He said he did not want to be the only bread winner. Well, he ended up with someone that works right across the street from me and she is only a secretary. Not that a secretary is wrong, because I can't type at all compared to you all. I hate him! He screwed my son and we even lost a baby together.

— Deirdre, 39

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