Cold Shoulder

I had been chatting with this guy for almost a year online and on the phone. We were always trying to get to get together but things always came up. Well, we finally did make plans a month in advance, mind you, to meet. I cleaned up my house from top to bottom and took a day off work to meet him at the train (he lives in another state but only two hours away, so not that far). That morning, he did not call or anything. I called his job and he was at work. So ok, I took that one incident in stride. Just recently, he asked me if I could come and get him. I said ok, and I drove the two hours and met him at the Amtrak train station. I went inside and looked around. He had sent a picture, so I had an idea what he looked like. I called him on his cell to tell him where I was at. Eventually, he came around and he was on his cell and barely spoke to me. Now, we had been very intimate online and on the phone and to get the cold reception like that shocked me. Since I drove that distance, I had to use the ladies room and signaled to him where I was going because, you see, he never got off of his phone. When I came out of the ladies room, my friend was nowhere to be found. I called his cell again and he did not answer. So, I left a message that I was going home and I never heard from him again.

— Heidi, 28

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