Online Coward

I have been friends with this guy for about two years. We met at a camp hours away from where we both live. We were in high school at the time; I was a sophomore, and he was a junior. About a year ago, we decided to date. Our first date was okay. It wasn't anything to get extremely excited about, but when we talked on the phone and online; there was something there. Our second date was on the day after Valentine's Day. He brought me the traditional flowers and candy, which was a plus. We went to a restaurant for dinner and went to see a movie afterwards. I thought everything was going a lot better than the first date, so I was pretty content with the direction our budding relationship was headed. On my way home, I forgot about the flowers and candy and left them in the car. When we were both at home and online, he IMed me and told me that it's not going to work. I asked him why not and he said that he just doesn't like me like that anymore. I asked him how long he's been thinking this, and he said ever since dinner. He said that the reason he didn't tell me before, during, or after the movie was because he was trying to "figure out" why he didn't like me. SURE! I found out later that the candy was quickly devoured by his younger siblings. So, ladies, beware of online cowards. Clearly, I should have taken the hint from the first date.

— Monica, 18

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