Perfect Man

I was dating this guy named Marshall. We hadn't met, but we had lots of laughs online. So one day, we decided to meet and I was wearing a dress that was so low cut you could see my belly button. I had worn it thinking to we would hit it off first thing. We were meeting outside my apartment; he got out of a limousine and came and CARRIED me to the car. Of course, at first we just kissed. Then, one thing led to another and we were both naked in the limo. I was in the most awkward position possible to be found in, when a driver opened the door outside of a huge crowd. We shoved our clothes on and ran inside to our box seats at the Nicks game and had sex again, right there. Later that night, we were drunk and we met up with friends. We did it again right in front of my apartment building, where they were dropping us off. We just couldn't get enough of each other. I hadn't seen him for five years, so I got engaged. We saw each other right before my wedding, yet I didn't call off the wedding. Before I got ready, I wanted to see him. I found him having sex with my maid of honor in the bell room of the church. Marshall and I are moving to Paris, the county of love, so it won't seem strange to do it on waiting room sofas.

— Chloe, 20

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