Mommy, May I?

I met this really wonderful and cute guy who seemed to be everything that a girl could want or need. His only flaw was that he still lived at home with his mom at 29 years of age. I put it aside, telling myself that the men I had dated who were independent had plenty of other flaws, and that I would give this new man a chance. We had talked on the phone plenty of times before we actually went out, and I was really looking forward to spending some time with him. I was waiting for him to pick me up and was dressed in something sweet but very sexy. To my surprise, he was not alone when he arrived. Mommy was with him, and she had to check both me and my house out before her son could date me! I was so shocked that I didn't invite either of them in, and quickly thought of an excuse to break this "threesome" date. He called many times after that, but I could never get past that first and last date. The lesson I learned was never to dream of dating a man who is over 25 and still living with his mommy!

— Gloria, 30

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