Less than Ordinary

After nagging me for some time, I finally agreed to let a co-worker cook me dinner at his place. He's generally a pretty nice guy, but just not really my type. Anyhow, dinner was pretty nice. He was trying very hard to be romantic, so overall I thought that he was being quite sweet. This all ended soon enough. He suggested we have dessert on the couch, so I moved there while he excused himself to the bathroom. When he finished in the bathroom, his fly was undone and his 'member' was hanging out. He claimed he had 'forgotten,' but I suspected that he thought that I would just tear my clothes off after seeing his size (admittedly, it was quite large). I quickly left. Since that time, I have relayed the story to my other co-workers (I know he's also tried asking out a good number of them), although I have mistakenly mentioned that his size was less than ordinary.

— Heather, 26

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