Two Timing on a Computer

I met a guy in an online dating service while he still lived out west. He eventually moved to a small New Jersey town near me on business and we started officially dating. We had been going out exclusively for several months, when he finally got his computer back up and running in his new house. Right about that time, I noticed he would get up from bed late at night and go into the computer room. I thought nothing of it at first. He had always said he was madly in love with me and hinted several times that I should move in with him. Sounded great. Until one day, he had to go on a business trip. I offered to stay at his house and watch his dog and cats, to which he readily agreed. The cats were very small and playful and one day of them ran into the computer room and knocked over a big box of papers. On the papers, he had written women's online dating e-mail addresses and recent correspondence dates! But, I put it aside thinking that perhaps they were from his past life out west. Turned out I was wrong. I worked with a friend who lived in the very same town as I did. One day, she told me she had been visiting online dating sites and had recently heard from this local guy through the online dating service and he sounded really nice. She then went on to describe him. The hairs on the back of my neck started to rise. I didn't want to, but I asked her for his profile out of curiosity and, sure enough, it was my guy staring back at me! The ad had recently been modified to include his new cat and dog. Needless to say, I told my friend exactly who he was and what he was like. She was so angry she composed a 'gotcha' e-mail back to him through the dating site telling him he sounded great and to meet her at a local pub. Only, she didn't tell him I would be there. Sure enough, come date time Saturday, we drove to the pub and both of us stayed in the car to get a good view. Who should pull up, but my guy! I confronted him on this embarrassing horror and he stupidly said he was just stopping in for a drink. After that, I took my things, left, and never heard from him again.

— Sharon, 25

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