Embarrassing Incidents

It all started when I was in the park with my dog. I was running around with the dog and I spotted this gorgeous guy sitting on a bench. After not so long, he noticed me too. He came up and started talking to me. My dog started smelling him, smelled his butt, and gnawed his butt. He screamed as he said he had to go. A week after that, I noticed him at the grocery store. We were in the same isle and I started talking to him and apologizing again for what had happened. He seemed really sweet as he said it was all right. He said, "It was nice talking to you," and we both continued shopping for food. When I got to the frozen food section, I didn't notice him sprinting next to me as I opened the door and wacked him in the face. I noticed he was there as he said, "Ouch," and I was kind of mortified about it. After that, I asked him if there was anything I could do. He paused for a moment and said, "Well, you could have dinner with me." So, I accepted his invitation and said I would meet him. I went home, showered, and threw on a pair of jeans and a white tank top. When I got in the car, I told him I was on my way. He said he made reservations, so try to be late. I was sitting in traffic and arrived a little late. I got out of my car and saw him. He was wearing a tuxedo and all the women standing outside were in fancy jewelry and I was wearing a tank top and jeans. He was supportive about it and saw that I wasn't that comfortable, so we went back to his place for a little while and he changed into a t shirt and jeans also. I cooked him dinner in his house to apologize. After that, we went out for ice cream and a walk. It was really romantic, until I stepped into DOG FECES. So again, I was completely embarrassed and he giggled. He took me home that night, brought me to my door, told me he had a really fun time, and asked me out again. Although I was embarrassed about what happened, I took a chance and said yes. He smiled and kissed me right on the lips. As he left, he kept looking back at me. We went out a couple more times and had a couple more embarrassing incidents. He finally proposed and we've been together ever since.

— Sue, 28

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