I've been going steady with my boyfriend for three years, but I haven't told him yet that I'm 50-50. So, one day, one of my friends came over and she was wearing this really sexy outfit. My friend is 50-50 too, but I didn't know that at the time. We were watching TV and even though I felt really embarrassed, I said, "Listen, I have to tell you something. I'm into both." She gave me a look, and then said, "You are?" "Yeah, I am," I said, "I had to let someone know! It's been eating me alive and I can't tell my boyfriend." "Tina," she said, "It won't stress you anymore." My friend then leaned in and kissed me; I went wild. I started to strip as we made out and I did things that I can't say. She was feisty and really, wow, used her tongue to spice up some things. My parents weren't home, so they didn't hear us upstairs screaming and moaning with pleasure. We were so loud though, that I didn't even hear the phone ring. We played around as my boyfriend left a message on the machine that he was coming over in 10 minutes. So, as we laid there on the floor screaming each others names over and over, the 10 minutes went by and he walked in. "Umm, I took the liberty of letting myself in," he said as he stared at us. "I umm, hope you don't mind … umm, Tina?" "Oh my, Paul, I, umm … I can explain!" He then walked out of the room right then, leaving me and my girlfriend laying there naked on the floor with sweat all over us. It was the most humiliating night of my life! My parents were very curious why he broke up with me and I had to keep telling lies. They also wondered why every time my friend came over after that, that they heard screaming and thumping. I said that we were watching scary movies and that we would fall out of our seats because we were freaking out. It's such a nightmare now!

— Tina, 18

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