Caught by his Mom

One night, I went to my boyfriend's house. I've been dating him for about 9 months now. Everything was going good; just hanging out with him and his family. I love his family so much; just being around them makes me feel like I'm part of their family. Anyway, my boyfriend and I were up in his room and things got a little serious. I went down on him, teasing him and giving him a BJ. Well, his mom came upstairs to check up on us, walked in, and saw everything. When she walked in, my boyfriend hurried up and pulled up his pants and I just looked at her like nothing was happing. Well, she left like she didn't know a thing. But, we came to find out that she did know and now I can't see him for a long time at his house, only at school. But, when I do get to see him out of school again and with his mom, I'm going to feel so awkward.

— Janine, 18

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