No Room for Liars

At the time I met Frank online, it was as if I was being swept off of my feet. He was the knight in shining armor. He had the looks, a bit of a brain (I have to admit), and he seemed "put together". After chatting with him for 2 days straight online, he decided a trip to visit me was a must. I was a bit surprise at the swiftness of his actions, nevertheless, I didn't mind because it was him who was coming all the way from Louisiana. When I went to pick him up at the airport, it started off a bit awkward, but the weekend went very nicely and the hot trysts we had in the limo almost made everybody else in sorry they didn't have a hotter date. However, our teary goodbyes at the airport confirmed our newfound devotion for each other. We kept in touch everyday online and decided that my visit to Louisiana was due and Thanksgiving would be a good time to go down. Things did turn weird a few weeks before I went down, but I didn't pay it any attention, thinking that the separation was really long and when we saw each other again, the spark was going to come back. Two days before my flight was due to leave, he told me he took a girl out to dinner and treated her with pizza and beers. This girl has a boyfriend; however I wasn't comfortable with how chummy they both were, so I had to ask few questions. He acted all strange and exclaimed at the fact I didn't trust him. He even suggested that I cancel the trip to Louisiana. I was pretty hurt and said I would stick with it. So I went. Flew all the way down to Louisiana. He came to pick me up and it was going well for a while. We had a nice Thanksgiving and we plopped down on the couch at the end of the evening with wine and pie. All of a sudden, Frank said his mom wanted him online and he was going to the computer room. I sat in the living room for a good 30 minutes before I became bored and went to be with Frank in the computer room. What puzzles me to this day was the fact he never flinched for a second. What I saw on his computer screen was all kissy faces from a girl Frank said lived in Minnesota. I was pretty shocked and asked him about her and he put her off, saying she's a single mother and up to no good. I didn't feel comfortable, yet I let it go. Two days later, after a weird night out at the bonfire with his friends, I was packing my stuff. We were supposed to go to New Orleans and hit the bars until sunrise and send me off on the plane back home. He was online again and I was going in there to get him off so we could leave. But I saw this girl again and she said she had just sent some birthday gifts to him and he replied saying he wished she'd come and surprise him in person. That was it. I wasn't stupid. I told Frank I wasn't happy about what I was seeing and stormed out of the room. I waited for a good 15 minutes before he decided it was time for both of us to leave. The nerve! Then before we could leave, we got into an argument where he vehemently denied at playing with women online, including me. I asked how he could explain the conversation he just had with the girl and he jumped off of his seat. That guy was big and he literally jumped all over the house screaming at me, "I DIDN'T LIE! HOW COULD YOU ACCUSE ME OF THAT?" I sat there all frozen up because that behavior was totally uncalled for. We decided to make a truce and just go to New Orleans; drink our problems away. But, it was a stupid thing to do because all we did in New Orleans that night was argue. We went so far, to a point of where he made me bawl my eyes out. I couldn't wait for sun to come up so I could get on the plane and go back to sanity. At the airport, he pulled an act which threw me off. He bawled his eyes out, saying that we had a nice time together and he hated to see that end and so forth. A couple of days later, I found out the girl was really interested in him and he was just sowing his oats; I dumped him. I even made a point of sending a box back to him with t-shirt of his, disposable camera I had taken with me to Louisiana, the cap he gave me, and a Halloween card he sent. Inside, a note said, "Here is your stuff. I don't have room for liars."

— Deanne, 24

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