Just for Sex

I have been dating/having sex with my husband's ex-wife's husband. My husband never has time to pick up his daughter, so one lucky day, I was dropping off my stepdaughter to her house, and I got kind of got lost in the freeway. I called the step dad and asked him for the directions on how to get there. He broke the ice by always giggling and he always seems flirtatious. To be honest, I had fantasized about him from the time I first met him. He has the dirty look, rough rocker style. He is an electrician. Anyway, when I finally dropped off my stepdaughter, he came outside to get her and he started talking to me. Well, actually, we had been on the phone all through the ride on the lost freeway, and when I got there I asked him to step out. We were there outside for about an hour, as if we had always been friends. It's odd because our partners were both once married and here we were talking behind our partner's backs. So, we were talking for about an hour, and then he asked me if it was going to be okay for me to be talking to him and if my husband would mind. I responded with, "I'll call you tonight." So, to make it all short, we talked and the next few days, we met up in a Macy's where I tend to shop a lot. I was planning to go buy some shoes and wanted company. Well, we walked for a bit in the mall, shopped, had a seat and a drink; we shared each others fantasies and it became straight that we both wanted a fling. He told me he had 4 close friends whom he has occasional sex with and I said it was all right. When it was time to leave, he walked me to my truck. We were already in our cars when we phoned each other and he told me to pull over at the next street. I freak out, but park with an exquisite excitement to know what he wanted. He got in my SUV and we kissed, talked for a while, and he got me really hot. He said it was too bad my windows weren't tinted, and so I suggested we should switch to his truck. Next thing you know, he ate me up, had oral, it was a big time feeling. He is very good. Enough to make me scream, want more, think about, and always desire. We have had sex 4 times in a period of 3 weeks and it has been great. He fulfills all the voids in my marital sex, and I complete his fantasies. We have plans of doing many things including traveling, having getaways, and lots of sex. My dilemma is whether to have this man in my life until I get tired of it, fall in love with him, or cut it here before I do fall in love with him. We have both agreed that this is just sex and we are not going to get attached to each other because we are married with children. I do like him a lot. The one thing he won't do is tender kiss me; he is a rough kisser including all the biting, which he enjoys. But me, I am a tender kisser. He is afraid of kissing me where I can just fall in love. He is 33 and I am 20. His now wife was married to my now husband, so this is what excites me about the whole situation. Wanted to share this stage of exhilarating mode I'm going trough. Hope it opens many minds! Meanwhile, the dilemma. I'll savor the moment.

— Anna, 20

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