Possessive Man

Still reeling from being dumped by a long time boyfriend, I somehow managed to find the courage to start dating again. Out of the blue, a slightly older guy I used to see around school (Dee) asks me out. Reluctantly, I agreed. He seemed like a nice enough guy despite his rather large (linebacker) build. He was very sweet to me, opening the car door, pulling out my chair for me and everything. At the restaurant, the owner had a "special table" set aside just for his friend Dee. We were treated like royalty being served by the owner himself. The movie and coffee afterward was uneventful with the exception of him mentioning his previous (and long-time) girlfriend on several occasions. The conversation started to get weird when he dropped subtle hints about their sex life, which I really wasn't interested in. As the date wound down, he walked me to my door. When I turned to give him an obligatory peck on the cheek, he slammed his tongue half way down my throat, called me by his ex girlfriend's name, then proceeded to make my schedule for me for the next week. Absolutely shocked, I quickly ran into my house and slammed the door behind me. When I got up the next day, he was parked out in front of my house wanting to drive me to school. I declined. When I got to school, he was waiting there for me asking me to ditch. Even though I asked him to leave me alone on each occasion, he showed up at my work and threatened my boss. After the threat of a restraining order finally set into his pea sized brain, he backed off. I came to find out later that he had been threatening any and all males that I had contact with. The straw that broke the camel's back was finding out that he may have bullied my ex into breaking up with me.

— Dana, 19

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