First Love

Everyone would say I'm too young to fall in love, but that's not true. At a friend's house, I met this boy. He was perfect. My friend even asked me if I liked him, but I denied it and so did he. But, we liked each other since we first met. He meant everything to me, and still does. For a while, we were friends, and then we became more than friends. Finally, we started dating. I would do anything for this boy, but my parents hated him and we had a little trouble with that. Still, I didn't care. I started to fall in love with him, but I didn't know if he felt the same. Everything was going so well, and that's when I started to hear things about him cheating on me. But, I could swear I knew him more than anyone and when I confronted him he denied it. I was foolishly in love, so I believed him and I ignored what everyone said. Finally, I dropped it and everything was fine again. Couldn't have been better. Until a girl who he had asked out confronted me. I was mad! That night, I went to confront him again. Instead, his friends and I set him up. He had been coming from that girl's house. I hid and listened to the conversation when he got back. When another person asked him where he had been, he said he went to my house and had been with me all night. Then, something was said about the other girl he cheated on me with. The secret was out. I was in his face seconds later. By then, he wouldn't talk to me. It took him hours to talk to me. When we finally did talk, he admitted to cheating on me and asking another girl out. When I asked him why, he told me that he was scared because he was falling in love with me. So again, I didn't break up with him. We made up, and the next day he broke up with me. I couldn't let him go, so I had to confront him again. He told me it was because of my parents, but I believed it was because of the other girl. I realized that no matter how much I though I knew him, I didn't understand him or why we were not together. I still don't.

— Alicia, 18

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