Goes Without Saying

My boyfriend and I went on a double date with my best friend and her boyfriend, Hal. We're from a small town, so we went to a nearby town an hour away to eat dinner and walk by the ocean. We had a curfew of midnight, but Hal wouldn't take us home. He kept driving around, trying to race cars. He was drinking the whole time and swerving around. Finally, he started to drive home. He started playing chicken with an 18-wheeler and kept trying to cut the other driver off. Finally, we pull into town and Hal pulled over. The trucker pulled in behind him and Hal gets out of his truck waving a baseball bat. When the trucker opened his door to get out, Hal jumped back in his truck and drove off, laughing like a maniac. It was the worst double date ever. I think that goes without saying.

— Jessica, 30

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