Unfair Settlement

What would you do if you invested 13 years? You are told that the life you've been living is going to change. No more working at the used bookstore. You never received a paycheck, but then again, you were helping the man you loved. He took over the business after getting his bachelor in music. One month later, I was helping. Four months after that, he was caring for an elderly grandmother. We were also trying to get me to know all of the things I'd need to know while in charge of the store. Well, I tell you, I did not only work as many hours as the employees who did receive a paycheck, I also was improving the place. I cannot forget the house we looked and looked to purchase. After a year of looking, we found what he wanted. I was pleased and then some. I wanted a yard. I wanted to be able to work on crafts. I stopped doing this once I had to take responsibility for the bookstore. So, with all the area I was free to fill, I was pleased. We were married two years later. Mind you, I was seeing a therapist, as was my husband. I was given 6 weeks to arrange our wedding. I was never married but do have a daughter. At the time of our marriage, she was 11½. I was working my butt off, as my goal was to get our sales up. Money was always needed. I never had access to our finances. So, I was tossed out of the job I have learned to love. The one I helped grow from making under 200.00 a day to making 500.00 a day. I was given an offer of $5,000, no spousal support. There was $41,000 in credit card debt. My husband was the only one who had the cards. Well, I've been most foolish in my choices because I am now living at home again with my mom. I am selling books online; the ones I was able to take when I moved out to date my husband. Then, he says we're toxic. Truthfully, I had the best sex when we dated; maybe because we rarely slept together, he was up all night working on one of his many releases. I'm the one who went into work for 5 plus years with no paycheck. I'm the one who shopped at thrift stores. I'm the one who let herself believe I was going to get the guy who was so good to me, who was my everything to me. I did what I did for him to lock me out of the house and lock me out of the business. So, where is the justice here? He believes I'm terrible for going into the house when he had changed locks and put a 1400 security door where the shutter doors once were. I only have a second offer of $10,000; no bills in my sole name will get paid. I'll get the 1996 Chevy. I can hardly believe the bastard.

— Caroline, 47

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