Not a Good Friend

I had just got home and I was wondering what my best friend was doing, so I gave her a call. She told me that she was doing nothing, just hanging around with my ex-boyfriend's (which was my boyfriend at the time) brother and their friends. So, I told her that I was about to come over and she just kept telling me no because it wasn't a good idea. She never told me why it wasn't a good idea, but I had figured it out. I noticed that she had me on speaker phone the whole time because I could hear the echo of the phone every time she spoke. So I asked her if she had talked to my boyfriend lately and she told me no. Well, I came to find out that she did talk to him; she was in the process of having sex with him while she was on the phone with me the whole time. Some kind of friend she is!

— Charlotte, 26

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