Little White Lies

I met this guy on the Internet about a month ago. Because of the way we met, I had some real issues with trust and security; I'd had a horrible outcome with another gentleman I met on the Internet. Well, you could only imagine the result. One night my friend Marissa and I were chatting online, and he sent us a message. So we sent him her picture; she is one of those drop-dead gorgeous types. After corresponding online through chat and e-mail, as well as talking on the phone, we decided to meet. All of a sudden it dawned on me: He thinks I am Marissa. So he drove 2 hours and waited on a bench at the mall for me to walk up to him. I went to our meeting place with every intention of walking up to him and explaining the entire situation. However, I didn't expect him to be a total knockout. So I did what any other woman in my shoes would do: I ran! I ran out of the mall and to my car. I told my friends to go tell him that I was working. Well, he came out and drove around, trying to find my car. When he couldn't, he drove off. I assumed he was going home. Instead, he went to my place of employment to look for my car. I work at a huge resort; he looked for an hour and a half just to write a note and say that he would like to meet up later. Well, he finally called me that night. He asked if I had really had to work, and I told him the truth. Well, he wanted to try for the next day--still not knowing that those were not my pictures. Finally he called my friend and asked what was going on. When I woke up, I received the sweetest e-mail in the world. We met that night, and he said that he had a funny story to tell me. Well, he ended up telling me that he had lied, too--about his age! He had said he was almost 21 when, in fact, he was only 19. Of course I couldn't get upset, because my "lie" was so much more atrocious than his. The whole night we sat there confused and baffled. In the end, I went to his car and he pulled out a stuffed penguin from Aeropostale and gave me a hug. It really didn't turn out as badly as I had imagined. He turned out to be a completely sweet, totally awesome (not to mention good-looking) guy! I felt so horrible in the end.

— Karrie, 23

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