Cappuccino and Peas

My best friend Jasmine takes ballet in a big dance studio with lots of different types of dance in the same building. One time, as I was waiting for Jasmine to be finished ballet, I discovered that modern dance was in the next room and finished five minutes earlier than ballet. I met a really cute, cool guy there called Mark who took the class. After that, I kept going with Jasmine to her class in hopes of seeing Mark again. The next time I went, he was there (Joy! I thought) and we got to talking. He gave me his number and asked if I would want a coffee, so I asked about tomorrow. The next day, Mark and I went out for coffee and it was really fun. We ended up staying at the coffee shop until it closed. Mark then kindly offered to take me home. I accepted his offer, but it ended up that my house had been broken into. I wanted to stay somewhere else until I could call the police the next day, so I went home with Mark. It was really great and we were having a wonderful time until Mark offered to show me his dance moves. Modern dance wasn't my style at all, but I still agreed. Mark had a special room with nothing in it just for his dance, and I stood there and watched him for a while. He started dancing really close to me. It looked like weird exercise yoga stuff. Then, all of a sudden, Mark started doing this punching Tai-Bo thing and punched me in the face before I could move! I got a broken nose and it was very embarrassing for us both! Mark was actually very sweet. He put frozen peas on my nose, but it was still a disaster date!

— Maureen, 22

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