Wedding Date Disaster

The guy that I was dating for almost two months asked me to be his date to a wedding that he was going to be in. At first I said no, just because I would of felt awkward being there not knowing anyone. I found out that the mutual friend of ours that set us up was going to be there, so I went with her and met up with him at the reception. Before he showed up at the reception, our mutual friend introduced me to many friends of theirs and told them all that I was dating their friend. When my date arrived at the reception, he was a totally a different person. I think he was just freaked out by the whole "wedding" thing. When it was time for the dinner, the announcer said for the wedding party to go and get their food first. My name was on a name tag next to him at the table, but he went and got his food and didn't say a word to me! When he came back from getting his food, then he realized that I needed to be getting my food, too. By the time I got my food and returned to the table, everyone else at the table was done eating. And to make things worse, my date never bothered to introduce me to any of them in the process! Instead, he just sat next to me talking to the people on the other side of him! Oh, I was not happy! TOTAL DISRESPECT! Well, I went to the girl that set us up and told her how I felt. We both decided to just ignore him and have fun and enjoy ourselves, and that's exactly what we did! To top things off, yep, I ended up catching the bridal bouquet! Oh, that was not cool, to say the least. I would say don't be a person's date to a wedding unless you are serious with that person. People seem to freak out when they go to a wedding, thinking that the other person wants to be serious even when that's not the case, so they ignore you or make you feel awkward! Let's just say I am 26 and he is only 22, so maybe I should of known better! I just let him know how disrespectful he was and left it at that!!

— Marilyn, 26

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