See Ya Around, Loser!

I started dating this guy named Brad. At first he was nice, took me places, bought me things, and acted like a lovesick puppy. Then his true colors started showing. He started critiquing my clothes, my hair, and just finding something wrong with everything. He came to spend the night at my house and immediately started in on me, telling me that I needed to lose weight. I told him that I was a size eight. He said I was a "big" eight. Here he was 6'1" and at least 230 pounds telling me I needed to lose weight. Pissed, I went to bed. He followed me to my room, getting up sometime during the night to go to the restroom. When he returned, I heard this crashing noise and then a thud. I quickly flipped the lamp on in time to see his fat naked butt had fallen off of the edge of the bed. He had forgotten that I had switched the furniture around in my bedroom.

— Celine, 20

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