Temporary Boyfriend, Permanent Tattoo

My friend Michelle and her husband decided they had the perfect blind date for me. I agreed to go out with him only if it was a double date. I insisted on meeting them at the restaurant just in case the guy was not my type. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. This fine looking cowboy sat at the table, white hat, tight jeans, starched white shirt, boots, and truly built like a rock. We all made small talk and the conversation turned to tattoos. I confessed that I had a small one of cherries on my pelvic and Michelle's husband had several. Michelle and Jordan, the blind date guy, said they didn't have any but always wanted one so we dared them to go get tattoos after dinner. Michelle got a moon and stars, and Jordan told me to pick out a tattoo for him. I picked a heart with a cross stabbed through it like a dagger. He had them put it on his right hip and told the tattoo artist to put my name there, too. I called the guy over and explained it was our first date, and asked that he please not put my name on his rear. The guy understood and didn't. Back at my house he proceeded to tell me how much he loved me and asked me to marry him. I told him he needed to slow down. We dated for about a month and every time we went out it was the same thing, he loved me and wanted to marry me. When I continued to play off his proposals as jokes, he got weird on me and then we stopped dating. During a final conversation, we argued and I told him that I could easily forget him but every time he saw that tattoo he would be reminded of me and would have to think about what a jerk he is.

— Bethany, 24

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