My Man or Yours?

I had just started dating this guy. His appearance was not exactly my type but I thought I might have better luck trying something different. He lived in a high rise condo downtown, drove a Porsche, worked in the media, and seemed to know everybody in town. He was Hispanic with shoulder length hair and wore more jewelry than most women. (hint: red flag) I flew out to visit my brother in FL and he basically invited himself to join me a few days later. My brother lives an alternative lifestyle so we were invited to an alternative party at a three-story Victorian home. When we arrived there were people everywhere in various types of dress and undress. I wore a black sequence sleeveless dress about mid thigh with black hose and black pumps. My date was dressed in his usual European style. As we stood on the wrap around porch talking with my brother and his friends, this person walks up totally made up like a female in an expensive gold jacket, black leotard and black hose. She was a he and had been eyeing my date all night. She/he came up to me and threw her/his jacket off of her shoulders, glared at me, and then rubbed her/his chest on my boyfriend. We kind of laughed it off, but she/he was getting more upset at me. Finally we had to leave the party before I had to fight this she/he over my date. That was the strangest date ever.

— Ebony, 25

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