Strong Vocal Cords

I had been dating this guy--an opera singer I had known for a year--for about a week when we decided to go to the next level. I had always thought that the women were the ones to make noise, but after this experience I realized I was wrong. We were out on a date and decided to go home, but when we pulled into my driveway, my parents' car was parked right out front. Not wanting to wait for another chance, we decided to park the car around back and just do it there. After about 5 minutes of foreplay we got down to business--and he started to sing during sex. It wasn't soft singing, either; it was as loud as you could imagine. Dogs started barking, and I was trying to quiet him. My parents, hearing the commotion, came out and saw us doing it. The worst part was that they just stood there in disbelief that I could be having sex. It was the worst night of my life.

— Angie, 22

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