He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

I have been off and on for four years with my ex-boyfriend. We have two very young children together. Both times when I became pregnant, he dumped me when I started to show. After my first pregnancy was over and our child was born, he asked for me back. But with my second pregnancy, he left again and wouldn't even sign the birth certificate. Now he comes over and pretends to be really nice to me. He acts like he cares, and says he wants to be with me. However, once he gets what he wants, then he acts like a jerk and doesn't even bother to spend time with me. He didn't bother with me and our children at the 4th of July fireworks. I was so hurt. I'm thinking I should just leave and move by my mother because I love and miss her so much. But I'm being stupid, and I can't decide whether to leave my children's father or not, even though he treats me badly and I get hurt all the time. This may not be a specific "date," but this is a serious dating disaster. It's just too bad that I want to live with him and be married to him because he can't make up his own mind about what he wants.

— Maria, 24

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